Friday, November 03, 2006


I remember beinga little kid and complaining to my mom in the middle of summer how bored I was. The sun was shining, the streets full of neighborhood kids, and several siblings available for entertainment. That never changed the fact that I was bored. Mom would inevitably tell me to go find something to do and quit bugging her or she'd find something for me to do. Which meant cleaning or some other equally tedious chore. Off I'd go to entertain myself...or bug someone else at least.

Lately, I've been bored. When I get home Bob asks how my day was. My reply, "boring". Someone asks me how I'm doing. My reply, "I'm bored". Well, I don't actually say that becuase how do you respond to that? But that's what I want to say.

My analysis:
I think its started with the colder weather. Its no secret that I hate winter.

Secondly its my school class. I'm in geography (its a required elective for my associates) and it is so boring. The teacher is boring, the subject is boring. Its only redeeming quality is that I only have to suffer through it one night a week.

Then there's work. I have a great job. Good co-workers, good boss. Great perks and benefits, great company. But I'm bored. I sit in a desk all day and do the same thing everyday.

I need some spice, a challenge, a change. Something, anything! I feel for the first time in my life that I'm stuck in a bored rut. Its not a pleasant place to be for someone who is usually lively, talkative and debateably eccentric, at least a little kooky.

I will now take your (and by "your" I mean mom since I guess she's the only one who reads this) suggestions for how to get my oomph back.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm a Fisher(wo)man

This last Friday my team at work had a team building outing. SNORE, I know. Actually, it was a lot of fun. My boss got a new boat and decided to take us up to Jordanelle to go fishing for the morning.
It was so cold! At first anyway. I started out with snow pants, my pink puffy coat, gloves, scarf, earmuffs. The only thing that was cold were my noes and my toes! I also, was the only person who wasn't cold. Could have also been the giant thermos of hot chocolate I kept nursing. Once the sun came out it was a beautiful fall day. We had divided ourselves into two teams of three, each team to a boat. My boss's neighbor, Jerry, provided the second boat. Jerry also happens to be somewhat of a pro fisherman.
Jerry caught the most fish of the day, but second to him was Heather and me! We creamed the other team, it was so much fun. Everyone did catch something so even though the other team got creamed by a couple of girls, we all still enjoyed the day. Some of us just more than others.
Here are some pictures of the trip for your viewing pleasure.

That's Heather on the left, no doubt reeling in another "big one". Jerry is on the right overseeing his little apprentices. Oh, and what's that? Taunya, holding two lovely small mouth bass. I'm bragging to the opposing team on the other boat.

This is Lane, our other teammate with one of his healthier catches of the day.
Ha ha! Here is me again. By this time I was such a pro I was reeling in fish left and right. This little guy got a kiss, a photo op, and I sent him on his way.

I didn't really kiss him.

Here's all our fish which Bob later helped me gut. If I can get those pictures onto my computer I'll blog that experience at a later date.

And here is the whole group. Steve (the boss), Me, Heather, Lane (seated), Rob, Rondo (on dock). As you can see by the smiles we all had a lot of fun.
Then we went to lunch at the Red Rock in Park City. Dang tastiest veggie pizza I've had, maybe even better than Geppettos? I'll have to have an official taste competition to see.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm Starting a Boycott

I love Halloween. I love to get dressed up- this year I'm a mad scientist! I love seeing other people get dressed up. I like the spooky decorations and the fall leaves and trick-or-treaters and anything else you can think of. Oh! Pumpkin carving, I love carving pumpkins (hint, hint honey) So what could I possibly be boycotting about this time of year. Some of you know. For those that don't please read on.

Trunk-or-treat! What a load of hooey. There are so many things wrong with this.

#1- You can't change a decades old tradition, that's very party-pooper of you.

#2- I have a house of my own for the first time ever, and I want trick-or-treaters. I love seeing the cute little kids in all their costumes. If I had kids of my own I'd want to parade them around and show off how cute they are. And I'd like them to experience one of my favorite childhood holiday traditions.

#3- This is from Bob, and I wholeheartedly agree. You are just making your kids fatter. Yes, the take is usually bigger for trunk-or-treats which kids love. But they are going to eat all that candy and they aren't walking/running around the neighborhood to collect it. As far as I'm concerned trunk-or-treat is the leading cause of childhood obesity in America (at least for the month of October)

#4- It seems that trunk-or-treats occur more frequently in lower income neighborhoods. Perhaps these people think its unsafe to send their kids out. Go with them! You have to be with them at trunk-or-treat anyway, or is it just that you don't want to walk/run around with your kids. So maybe trunk-or-treat is the leading cause of all obesity in America regardless of age.

Please, please, please send your kids out for Halloween. They will have fun, you will have fun. And I will be a happier person.

That is all I have to say. Keep an eye out for my official boycott petition in the mail.

Let me know what you think. Trunk-or-treat, or Trick-or-treat?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No Motivation

What is it about the first frosty mornings of fall that just kicks your butt?

Well, they kick mine. And Bob's too. Most that know us would probably agree that we are hard working, industrious people. We don't like to waste time or be lazy. But too frequently in the last couple of weeks we have found ourselves sleeping in (gasp!), and missing workouts (double gasp!)- if you are a cyclist you know the gravity of these consequences for Bob. Seems like there was something else, but I can't think of it right now. Oh yes, huge loss of motivation for work.

So here is my answer (excuses*) as to why the first frosty mornings of fall just kicks my butt:

- Its cold outside. Who wouldn't rather be snuggled 12 inches deep in blankets? And I know once I get out and that cold hits me its going to wake me right up, and who wants to do that? No, I can't just turn the heat up, that's expensive.

- Its dark outside. Running in the dark is scary. And sometimes you trip.

- I've now realized that summer flew by and I didn't get to play enough thus making me sour at work.

- A new house. Lots of work to get the house ready for winter and the yard prepared for spring. Makes me too tired for exercise and I don't want to be at work when there is more important stuff at home. Granted, Bob has been doing all the work at home. What have I been doing? Not much.

- I have an innate need to hibernate for winter. This also includes binging in preparation for the long nap. This creates disastrous results when combined with the lag in exercise.

I do love the fall though, especially the smell of the fallen leaves in the late afternoon. So if I could just start my day around sunrise (that's about 8:00am nowadays isn't it?) and call it a day around 6pm- just before those chilly breezes come in- that would be great.

*Bob says "Excuses are like bum-holes. Some just stink more than others."

P.S. This is very important. Part of the delightful binging, adds guilt to the lack of exercise, but gets me through the days of work, is argueably the best part of fall. Cold Stone Creamery Fall Flavors! Here are some of my recommended combinations, I also recommend trying something new every time:

1/2 Pumpkin Ice Cream
1/2 Cheesecake Ice Cream
Graham Cracker Crust

7/8 Pumpkin Ice Cream
1/8 Coffee Ice Cream (adjust for your love of coffee)
Reeses Pieces
White Chocolate Chips

Cinnamon Ice Cream (comes closer to Thanksgiving)
Apple filling
Pie Crust
Waffle Pieces
Reeses Pieces (these go good in just about everything)

You can thank me later.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Today is a special day. Three years ago today Bob and I were married. It has gone by fast, and it has been great. Let's recap.

Bob and I get married!
Bob starts training while going to school and working a full and part time job. Impressive. Not to mention he showers his new wife with love, attention, and "I love you's". What a man!

Taunya loses one job and gets another
Bob continues school, work, and cycling.
Gets upgraded from a Cat 5 to Cat 2. Yup, that' s my man!
Swallow pride and move in with my mom so that Bob can just do cycling and school, no work.
Find out Bob can't not work. Oh well, we tried. No one ever complained of being married to someone who has a job.
Celebrate one year of wedded bliss by traveling to Bob's mission in Brazil. Very cool.
One of the things I appreciate most is how often Bob tells me I'm beautiful. Sometimes I think he's crazy, but most of the time I think he's dead sexy!

Lots of fun, make new friends and see lots of places while attending bike races together. I love going to the races with Bob, cheering him on and helping him out. I'm really proud of how hard he works at it, and the integrity he has while racing.
Move to Arizona. But first, celebrate two years of successful "I do's" in Las Vegas. Its not what you think, we were there for a bike show and spent the day in the convention center.
We get Zeke and Blanche.
Bob isn't the easiest guy to figure out, even after a couple years of marraige. I love learning new things about him. He encourages me to be better without pointing out any faults. He is supportive in all the right ways.

We get to work together every day, and we make a pretty good team.
Bob goes to Belgium. Being apart really sucks. I know I can do it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it...and I don't. But seeing him at the train station in Tielt after 2 months was awesome!
We move back to SLC and crash at our coach's house until we can find our own place.
We find our own place. It is so cute. Bob has proven to be quite the handyman. Fixing, building, painting, cleaning, cooking. You name it, he can do it.
Bob gets his coaches license, only misses 3-4 questions. Well done.
Bob gets his EMT license. Very well done.
Celebrate three years of holy matrimony in Moab. Actually, I kidnapped Bob and took him down there. He had no idea, it was great.
Bob starts off year number four by getting back to training. The goal is a Cat 1 upgrade for spring of '07.
We make efforts every day to love and serve each other. Bob puts up with all my moods and quirks, and believe me, there are a lot. How one person can be so patient I don't know, but I'm extremely grateful.

So there, you have it. Three years of being with my best friend (saving you all the mushy details) No one out there could make me happier or keep me sane better than Bob, and I am without a doubt the luckiest girl in the world to have a husband who loves me so much. I don't think I appreciate him enough, but I'll keep trying.

Taunya + Bob = LOVE!

Friday, September 22, 2006


I have some bad news to share. I've been diagnosed (read: in a chain email I saw this and decided it fit my personality quite well) with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Yes, this is a real disease (or mental state, or excuse, take your pick) see link here

I hate winter, there isn't a think about it I like. Snow is nice the week of Christmas but I have to say that last Christmas in AZ I didn't particularly miss it, I still enjoyed the lights and presents and music just fine. I don't ski, I don't snowboard. Sure, I could learn, but that costs bucks, and unless someone is willing to donate the money, the equipment, an instructor, and TIME then I will not be learning to ski/board in the foreseeable future, and I'm fine with this because as I mentioned, I hate winter.

Its mostly the cold that gets me though, it can snow all it wants, as long as its above 55 degrees (I am willing to withstand that slight bit of cold just to truly be able to appreciate summer when it finally drags its lazy butt out again) that of course is 55 as a low, not a high. I even quite enjoy the rain. Again, as long as its above 55.

By some unfortunate series of events I was born in Utah. Not southern Utah with the red rock, hiking, Lake Powell, and heat. But the Salt Lake Valley (yes, I really do love it, I'm just in a bit of a funk) Where we get cold (humph) snow (gasp!) and inversion (gag, cough-cough). Somewhere in me there is a beach bum sunbathing on the sandy beaches of wherever.

Here is the depressing, sheltered side of me. I've never been to a beach. Not a real beach anyway. When I was 12ish my family traveled to Fortuna, CA (link too long to post, check out mapquest. BTW if anyone knows how to post a link but have it appear as the text you desire, please let me know) in the winter months, and we played in the water there. It was freezing cold, but we did it anyway because it was the ocean and we were kids.

So one day, hopefully while I still have a youthful physique (sort of) I'd like to visit a nice warm beach with hot sun, blue water, and no day planner to attend to. Until that happens I guess I'll be sitting here in fabulous SLC- where the snow falls, the temperature drops, the inversions settles in, and we're all warned to stay inside for the health of our lungs- waiting for the slow 6 months of winter (October-March it seems some years, yes this might be a bit drastic, but you forget I'm in a funk and apt to rant. And, as far as I'm concerned if its not summer, it's winter) to painfully slug by so that I can again bust out the flip-flops.

Ah, you know me so well. Yes, the flip-flops will certainly be seen before that. I wear them any day the temperature is above 60, or if its just a quick trip somewhere and the weather is dry, or if I'm being defiant and trying to show winter who's boss.

For fabulous flip-flops see the link at the left sidebar.

P.S. Sorry for the blantant mis-use of the parenthesis, that's just how my brain thinks, and I wouldn't want to rob you of the experience of the authentic me.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How To Scavange

We did it! Bob and I have purchased our first home. We've also purchased our first piece of furniture/appliance, a fridge. We've been married for three years and until last week had never purchased so much as a mug for ourselves. Thanks to some wedding gifts, thriftiness, and hard work we've managed to put together quite a charming little home at no cost to us. Except for the home that is.

I know, I'm sorry I still don't have pictures, there is currently an issue getting them off my camera, onto my home computer that doesn't have the internet, and to my work computer that does have the internet, but no place for disks or USB drives or cameras due to the secure nature of my work.

So if there is anyone willing to take, transfer, and email pics to me, I'd appreciate it. That is assuming anyone is actually reading my blog.

So, I'm going to share with you some savy scavenging tips. I say savy, becuase anyone can pull something out of a dumpster (no, I have not actually done this) or pick up a busted piece of whatever at the local D.I. I, however, will show you how to score stuff that is truly usable and attractive...or at least can be.

#1- Get married.
This was a big one for Bob and I, and we thank our many generous friends and family. What we didn't get as actual gifts we were able to purchase with giftcards or cash from wedding guests. If you're already married, you know what I'm talking about and you should take care of those gifts unless you plan on doing the whole over again, although I hear the take isn't quite as good the second time around. If you're not married please see this amusing link$fn=default.htm . Type in "Dating vs. Hanging Out 2006" and search in the Ensign, the first results from Elder Dalin H. Oaks is for you.

#2- Be creative.
If someone wants to give you a table for example, but it doesn't currently match your decor, what do you do? God gave us Home Depot (more especially the paint deparment) for a reason. Sand it down, slap some paint or stain on it, and if you're really daring maybe a decorative flourish or two, and you've got yourself a lovely, custom dining table your friends and family will ooh and ahh over. Which is the ultimate goal, right?

#3- Have a variety of (financially sound) friends.
This is important for two reasons: a) you need people who have various tastes in home decor so that when the time comes for your new acquisition you have a plethera (that one's for you Kendra) of options. b) if you have nothing but poor friends you're not likely to get very good hook-ups. But acquaintances in different tax brackets will be willing to give up more/less quality items at different intervals of time.

#4- Beggars can't be choosers.
If you need a couch and all someone has to offer is a mauve, sea-shell-esque, 80's wonder...take it! Unless you really want to fork out the $500 plus dollars to Furniture Warehouse (even though I've never bought furniture I prefer this store to any other I've ventured into- that's affordable anyway).

That is the story of how Bob and I have decorated our little space so quaintly and so cheaply. How many other (non-rich) people can say they've decorated their home without one credit card/store credit line/loan from Daddy?

Ok, so there are probably quite a few, but I'm still proud of us.

For more tips on scavenging furniture, tools, clothing, food, etc. leave a comment!