Monday, July 10, 2006

Alright, I know I'm slow at updating this. I don't have quite as much time back here in Utah as I did in Belgium.
I've taken a couple of weeks off racing to get in some good training miles and a family reunion. It was nice to relax a bit and spend some time with the Fam.
This last Saturday was the Porcupine Hillclimb, a race up Big Cottonwood Canyon. I got 6th place, not too shabby. It was pretty brutal, tough competition. I missed 5th by a hair, got outsprinted right at the line. Lesson learned I guess.
Today I'm off to Bend, OR for the Cascade Classic. I should get a fair butt-whooping there but if my form continues and I ride smart I'm hoping to get good enough results to put in for my Cat 1 upgrade.
Well, that's about all. Thanks for checking in and feel free to leave a comment. I appreciate your support.