Friday, November 03, 2006


I remember beinga little kid and complaining to my mom in the middle of summer how bored I was. The sun was shining, the streets full of neighborhood kids, and several siblings available for entertainment. That never changed the fact that I was bored. Mom would inevitably tell me to go find something to do and quit bugging her or she'd find something for me to do. Which meant cleaning or some other equally tedious chore. Off I'd go to entertain myself...or bug someone else at least.

Lately, I've been bored. When I get home Bob asks how my day was. My reply, "boring". Someone asks me how I'm doing. My reply, "I'm bored". Well, I don't actually say that becuase how do you respond to that? But that's what I want to say.

My analysis:
I think its started with the colder weather. Its no secret that I hate winter.

Secondly its my school class. I'm in geography (its a required elective for my associates) and it is so boring. The teacher is boring, the subject is boring. Its only redeeming quality is that I only have to suffer through it one night a week.

Then there's work. I have a great job. Good co-workers, good boss. Great perks and benefits, great company. But I'm bored. I sit in a desk all day and do the same thing everyday.

I need some spice, a challenge, a change. Something, anything! I feel for the first time in my life that I'm stuck in a bored rut. Its not a pleasant place to be for someone who is usually lively, talkative and debateably eccentric, at least a little kooky.

I will now take your (and by "your" I mean mom since I guess she's the only one who reads this) suggestions for how to get my oomph back.