Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wear Your Helmet...You Putz!

I am just as appreciative as the next of the wonderful feeling of the wind through your hair, the sun on your face, and the distresses of helmet hair. However, I like my brains just as they are. I doubt they'd be any more useful spewed out across the pavement.

A little graffic? Perhaps.

In this wonderful state of Utah we have seatbelt laws, carseat laws, and DOT certified helmets. So why is it not law to wear them? WHY?

I can't emphasize enough how disturbing it is to me that so many motorcyclists, scooterists, and cyclists continue to go out on our congested streets. Which, FYI have had more traffic accidents this year than 2005
(see http://deseretnews.com/dn/view/0,1249,645193259,00.html end of the article for stats).
What would their mothers think?

While I'm on the subject of thinking, no doubt these bare-headed commuters are thinking that they are safe, they follow the rules of the road and drive defensively. In response I'd like to refer you to a recent Deseret News article, http://deseretnews.com/dn/view/0,1249,645193961,00.html
please note the statement about half way down by Tim Buche. You may be smart (though if you aren't wearing a helmet then you probably aren't) but other drivers aren't.

Maybe they are just too cool?
Not likely. Unless they are part of the Emergency-Room-Rules gang. To my knowledge, no such gang exists.

My point, wear a helmet, someone out there loves you and doesn't want to plan your funeral. As far as I'm concerend those who go without helmets are about as bright as those who continue to smoke. Both do stupid, life-threatening, insurance raising, preventable bad habits. At least smokers can pass some (actually, very little) blame off to addiction.

Note to my brother who smokes...with love, please read above.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Promised Pictures

Here are some pictures that I have previously promised to post. At some point in the future I'll create a photo album where you can browse through all my posted photos. Unfortunately, this function is not available at this time.

This is Bob getting his waterbottle for third place up the Snowbird Hill Climb (see related story http://roberttaunyalofgran.blogspot.com/2006/08/weekend-race-report.html )

This is Bob on the Snowbird podium with L- Norm Bryner,2nd and M- Nate Page, 1st. Note the weenie water bottle in hand. Yes, I'm still a little bitter.

Bob, with Bill & Celia Underwood, two of his most supportive fans.

But here is Bob's #1 fan! The traditional good luck kiss, I can't let Bob race without it. This is one of my favorite pictures ever and it is actually from the front page Deseret News article Bob was featured in which ran October 2005. Sorry, no link available.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A House Is a Home When It Shelters the Body and Comforts the Soul

- Phillip Moffat

Bob and I are soon to be homeowners. With very patient assistance by Travis Pugh our brother/realtor we have found a home that is just about perfect for us. I say "just about" becuase there doesn't exist a house in our price range that would be absolutely perfect for us. We should close in a couple weeks and I'll make an official announcement then complete with pictures.

Today is Bob's last day of his EMT class. He had some in class tests today but will take the official State exam in a couple weeks. After that its back to school and starting to test with the different fire departments. He'll also be trying to get work as an EMT and then coaching will start for him in fall as well. I think that should keep him sufficiently busy enough, don't you?

As for me, school starts Tuesday night with Geography. It is my last class that I need to get my Associates degree. I do have to test out of a computer class, but I'm reasonably confident that I can do that. I'm so excited to have finally accomplished something with school that I think I'll throw myself a party. Hey, its been six years in the making, I deserve it. Work is also going well. For those of you who don't know I work for Merrick Bank, an industrial bank that issues credit cards primarily to the sub-prime lending group. Its a great company with great benefits and perks, like the massage chair.

Bob is more or less done with racing this season. He'll be taking some time off the bike before he starts training for next season where he'll be riding for a regional team yet to be named. It should be a really good opportunity and should cover nearly all the costs of his racing. Yeah!

Thanks for checking in. Come back before too long and see pictures of our new home! If you leave comments, I might even invite you over for a BBQ.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Tour de Gap- Parowan, UT

Ah, good 'ol Parowan. Where else can you stay in comfort at a localized national hotel chain with small town America spread out around you?
Alright, so you can do that just about anywhere between Salt Lake and St. George. But Parowan has something distinctive, and unique; the annual Tour de Gap bike race. Allow me to regale you with the adventures or our weekend:

After waffling back and forth about whether or not he was going to race (possible school conflicts didn't help the waffling any) Friday evening we were packed and on our way to Parowan. Due to lovely Happy Valley traffic and a potty stop for the dogs, then a pit stop for us we didn't arrive until 9:50 PM, 10 minutes before packet pick-up closed. We checked into the lovely Days Inn and immediately crashed trying not to think of the looming 6am wake up call.

Saturday started bright and early for room 120. Blanche and Zeke (our dogs. Remind me to post a picture) knew something was up as Bob and I criss-crossed the room gathering the days essentials: water bottles, race bible, butt cream, etc. I don't know why, but they seem to like to go to the bike races. Which is beyond me because they spend a good majority of the day sitting quietly (yes quietly, I have wonderful dogs) in the back of the scion.
The race was 48 miles and mostly flat. Bob said the pro/1/2 field had a max speed of 45mph! I sped to the feed zone; only to find out I didn't know where it was, found myself on the race course as the lead rider started coming though. He was only a single rider and not a threat for the GC or the stage win. I only had a short while till the group was to come through and I still didn't know where the feed zone was. So I sped ahead and followed the cardboard arrows the racers follow until I came across a section of road with a large shoulder which contained several SUV's and women with water bottles. This was the place.
After last weeks feeding fiasco (
http://roberttaunyalofgran.blogspot.com/2006/08/weekend-race-report.html) I had to make sure I got this right. By the time the racers came through the single rider had been caught by the pack and there was a new group of five off the front. I didn't know any of the riders, and had full confidence that they would be reeled in by the time the race finished in 20 miles, which they were. Here comes the pack, with Bob on the front (yes, he was pulling in the break with little to no help by any of the teams there. No, none of the teams had a man in the break so they should have helped pull. This important scenario will be a factor in the coming stages) The feed zone was flat and fast. I had to jog a little to lessen the impact of Bob ripping the bottle out of my hand. I thought he was going to knock me right over. Impressive speed, no? By the time we wait for the next field of racers that my friends husband was racing in (c'mon a Sunday ride in the park could rival their speed through the feed zone); sped off to try to pass both fields, and have a potty break we managed to miss the sprint finish by a matter of seconds. All that really matters is everyone got the same time. Which is a good way to go heading into the afternoons criterium.
Between the road race and crit there was very little action. A shower, leg rub, pb&j, and excessive amounts of vegging.
Not much happened in the crit. Not unless you count a breakaway of Swindlehurst (Burke, a pro rider who lives in UT) Flynn, and _____ (I never did find out who the third guy was) lapping the field and taking the time bonuses, and another break of two only seconds from lapping the field and a crash of two teammates in the final lap. Bob worked hard to bridge up to the gaps twice. Each time he got painfully close then they noticed him and rode harder so that he couldn't jump on, dang it. These efforts combined with pulling in a couple early breaks and the work in the road race would eventually lead to his demise.
Oh! and some kind of bug stung me or bit me or something and left something in my neck GROSS!
We did get some great Mexican that night though.

Sunday's road race went from Cedar Breaks lodge by Brian head and back. Very rolling, and high elevations. Flats are but a dream on this day. After the first climb Swindlehurst was away (big surprise) and the pack containing Bob was only a minute or so behind. As per Bob between there and the feed zone an attack got away and no one was bringing it in. Bob wants to race for first, not fifth. He worked with Harward to bring them in and after a couple surges by the pack Bob was done. At the feed zone he was by himself a few minutes off the pack. He tried chasing for a while and when he realized he wouldn't be able to catch back on he called it a day and just rode in at a steady tempo.
The same steady tempo was applied at the time trial which was good enough to get Bob a finishing time. No one likes a DNF next to their name.
Taunya sniffed and sneezed all the way home, excited to be away from whatever hellacious allergen that was plaguing her all weekend.

Ah, nothing like Monday morning after 4 races in 2 days and 1000 miles on the road.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

That's "Coach" Bob To You

Congratulations are in order (again- see race report) to Bob. He has just recieved his coaching license from the UCA (cycling authority) He is currently licensed for club riders but will be recieving his Elite license in November. As many of you know Bob is a virtual gyser of knowledge in regards to fitness and diet. Don't shy away, he's still the same great guy willing to talk to you about your training and racing, now you just have to pay him! Don't worry, we will be giving a family/friends discount.
I'm very proud of him (is it that obvious?) he had to do a lot of studying to get his license.
Next week is the last week of his EMT course, and he'll test a week or so after that, wish him luck and keep your fingers crossed.

If you are interested in having Bob coach you he'll be working for J.R. Smith Coaching (www.jrsmithcoaching.com) check out the website and talk with Bob.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Weekend Race Report

My apologies, I was going to post pictures with this but I'll have to add them in later as I haven't downloaded them yet. I also was going to have Bob write this since he knows better what happened during the race then I do. But alas, you're stuck with my simple, picture-less race analysis/recap.

Snowbird Hill Climb- 3rd place
(Disclaimer: Taunya didn't do the race and is merely trying to sum up what she thinks Bob told her happened, actual events may vary. But the result and finish times are accurate)
Saturday we got up bright and early- 6:30am, not easy for a weekend- and headed to 9400S. and 2000E. for the start. It’s always fun to go to the start and see all your friends. Do a little schmoozing and trash talking, whatever the occasion may call for.
This is one of the races that I have to leave before Bob or else I'll get stuck behind the racers and the cars and an aged man on a mountain bike will beat me up the canyon (not kidding, this happened once). So I gave him his good luck kiss, and an encouraging butt slap and he took off.
It was a beautiful drive up the canyon with my windows rolled down and some Capital Inicial (Portuguese punk band) on the radio; it was very Zen or something. Bob started up at 8am with Stormin' Norman driving the pace the first few miles. A small group of four got up the road a ways but the peleton kept them near enough to bring them in when the time was right. Norm decided the time was right and attacked with Bob jumping on his wheel (you think riding the canyon is hard, try attacking up it) they started to gain on the lead group up the road and were able to pass them as Nate Page started powering away from the peleton. Nate just kept ramping it up until he passed the chase group and the now lead group of Bob and Norm. Not to be beaten so easily Norm attacked again after Nate and Bob pursued. And there is your top three. Nate broke the 48 minute mark, Norm came in about 20 second after and Bob finished 3rd with a time of 48:23.
So then we waited around for 2 hours for awards. Not too bad because we got to enjoy a nice brunch with JR (coach) Jill (his wife) and two of Bob's biggest fans, Bill and Celia (sp?). Awards finally rolled around and Bob received.... (Oh, the anticipation)... a water bottle. What! I know you're in shock, we were too. Surely a race that brings in over $15,000 can do better than that for a podium finish? Nope, apparently not. We didn't even get our entry fee back, we were not happy. Maybe they just gave extra to 1st and 2nd you ask? Nope again; 2nd got sunglasses in addition to the water bottle (which all prizes given away are always just donated schwag, they don't cost the organizers a red cent) First place did get a sweet northface tent, but he wanted cash too. So we were bummed, but compensation was on its way.

Before I continue- Note to race organizers: Cat 4/5's love schwag they are usually the rich lawyers/doctors/accountants on the nicest bikes. Cat 1/2's are poor twenty-something’s usually supported by doting parents or an incredibly awesome wife. We're poor, show us the money!

Wolfcreek Road Race- 4th place
(see Disclaimer above)
Up and at 'em 7:00am. On the road to Francis at 8:00am. Neither of us are feeling so hot. Bob is worn out from yesterday (I forgot to mention that after his noble race efforts he still mowed the lawn for me. Yeah! My husband rules!) and Taunya is dizzy or light-headed or something. But, we've already paid for the race so off we go. Or at least off Bob goes, Taunya sort of lolly-gags about and eventually makes her way to the feed zone 20 miles up the road to 9,507 feet elevation.
Bob comes through the feedzone only a minute or so behind the lead rider, no big deal since there is still 60 miles to race and the lead rider is on his own, and we don't know who he is which is usually a sign that he's going to blow up. Of course, he could be that new young talent that blows everyone else away; he wasn't. So back to the feedzone; Bob comes whizzing by and $*!@# (yes, sorry, I really did swear. I'm pretty sure Bob did too) I missed him! He now has to ride 40 more miles up and down canyon roads on the single water bottle left on his bike. I now spend the next 2 hours worrying about whether or not he's going to bonk as I wait for them to hit the turnaround and come back to the feedzone 20 miles before the finish. Norm comes through one minute ahead of a small group which (yeah!) has Bob driving the pace on the front trying to bring Norm back. So I'm ready this time, I've got his water bottle I hold it out, Bob is reaching for it... snatch! The guy in front of him takes it from me. Not only that but he dropped it! Here is where I'd like to give a special "thanks" to the girl up the road who successfully hands Bob a water bottle so that he can go on to claim 4th.

So it was a great weekend. We were wiped out by the end, but we had fun. Thanks for checking in and feel free to leave any congratulatory remarks for Bob.

P.S. Where was the compensation you ask? Bob won $85 for 4th. Not bad, at least we broke even for the weekend.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Man of La Mancha

I just got back from a relaxing weekend in Idaho. My mom and I made- what we try to make an annual- trip to the Festival Opera in Logan, UT. While there we stayed across the border with our very good friends Becky and Dennie (special thanks to the Giles). In brief, here is our weekend.

5:00PM Friday, August 4th
Taunya gets off work. Waits for mom to leave for Logan.

Mom finally makes it, late because of traffic. What we are about to find out is that 10 minutes makes an hour of difference in traffic.

We finally make it to Bountiful. We have been crawling ever since downtown and are hungry. We stop at Village Inn. My compliments to the chef on the orange marmalade/cream cheese stuffed french toast topped with strawberries. Yes, they were good, even better than they sound.

On the road again. In the next two hours we will have discussed everything from politics, family, the environment, fashion, etc. Girls know what these conversations are like. You start out talking about what you did that afternoon and through twists and turns in conversation you’re crying your eyes out while discussing the innermost parts of your soul. OK- wasn't quite that dramatic. But great conversation.

Finally arrive at the Giles beautiful country cottage and head to watch the softball game coached by Bro. Dennie and then to the ice cream place, forgot the name. I had a strawberry creamy. I have been craving strawberry things a lot lately. Had a strawberry smoothie yesterday and have been consuming more strawberry yogurt than might be healthy. Don't ask, girls are just weird.

1:00AM, Saturday
Finally make it to bed, stayed up playing dice game, 10,000. These baby boomers are hard to keep up with.

9:00AM, Saturday
Time to get up already? I muster the courage and dress to go run. It’s a beautiful canyon and a sunny morning. Those false flats will kill you I swear. I made it about 3miles total, not bad. I didn't run the whole way, but a majority. I thought it would make me feel better for the rest of the day; that ended up being mostly true.

View Man of La Mancha the story of how the story of Don Quixote came to be. Very fabulous. Score was great, performances great, music stirring. Plus we had great seats. Thanks, Logan Festival Opera,
www.ufoc.org , we always have a great time.

This was a dark time in my life. I don't like to talk about it, but as you are good friends and faithful readers...I've been dying to get my hair done for a while, just a trim and color. Strawberry-Blonde (more strawberry than blonde) yup, more strawberries, again I don't know why. We tried at least 8 different salons in Logan and no one could fit me in, some weren't even very nice about it. So where did we go? I'm embarrassed to say...let's just say it was a super retailer with a less than desirable reputation.

My hair is orange. If you know Boden, yup just like that. Cute cut though. But orange is not my color.

I've bought some cool blonde color to take the orange out, it doesn't work, and I’m still orange, just not quite as harsh. A girl might be able to tell the difference of orange #1 and orange #2, but no man on earth would ever notice. No, not even the swishy ones.

12:30AM Sunday
Off to bed late again. Watched Dreamer good movie, made me laugh, made me cry.

9:00AM Sunday
I can't go out in public with orange hair. Thank heavens I had the foresight to get a box of my original (if not slightly darker) hair color in case plan B (for those of you unable to keep up plan B was the blonde) didn't work.

Yeah! Plan C worked. I'm now slightly darker than my original color (with a little bit of those orange highlights poking through, but its kind of pretty) and slightly poorer too.

The moral of this story- don't get your hair done on a whim and only go to someone you know and trust.

BTW- Does anyone have someone they know and trust? Because the person I knew and trusted has closed up shop. The winning referral could be worth a handsome reward (though I wouldn't bet on it if I were you).

Friday, August 04, 2006

HUD for 100...please?!

Buying a house isn't all that much fun. Not when you're destitute anyway. Alright, we're not destitute, but trying to buy a house makes me feel that way.

Recently a saw a picture of someone's new home under construction and it made me a little jealous. Not that it was big because after living with our coach in his spacious home I've decided that is too much square footage for me to take care of. And it’s not because it’s new because I'd rather have an existing home that has some character and big trees in a well established neighborhood. I'm jealous because they can afford it.

Bob and I both work hard and make fairly good money; especially when you take into account the lack of degrees we hold. So why when we're looking for a home can't we find anything in a nice neighborhood and that isn't falling apart? We're really looking primarily in West Valley, though we'd love something in Taylorsville. We have awesome credit and the only debt we have is our car. We're not looking for anything too big or too lavish. But man our choices are limited. We've been looking mostly at foreclosure and HUD homes because that is all our budget will allow.

I am confident that if we're patient we'll find something that works for us. It’s just a little depressing in the mean time that two very hard working people who have tried to be smart financially can't afford a reliable roof over their heads. It makes me really wonder how people out there less fortunate than us make ends meet. It is upsetting to me that while interest rates, housing costs, gasoline, health care, and energy costs are all rising (some quite rapidly) that wages remain stagnant and in many companies (airlines for example) they are taking pay cuts. Though I'm not sure many CEO's would say they are feeling the pinch.

Bob wants to be a fireman (starting pay around $30,000); I want to stay at home with our kids- is that even realistic? Thankfully we pay our tithing, we know how to be frugal, and my mom taught me to reuse sandwich bags. We'll work it out. But not everyone out there is as lucky as we are.

Please, post a comment, I like reading what people have to say about the topic, or what I wrote.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Scooter Courtesies

Being the gas-conscious consumers that we are a couple years ago we purchased a scooter. Actually, my fabulous husband surprised me with one for Christmas! The scooter is number one, a lot of fun. Number two its cheap to buy, insure, and drive- getting 80 something mpg. When Bob purchased our scooter he really shopped around as any smart buyer would do. But of course, he is a guy and can't bare the thought of puttering around at 30 mph on a toy sized scooter so he buys an often mistaked for a bullet bike scooter. A 150cc (don't ask me what that means, all I know is so far I haven't met anyone with something more powerful) Vento R4i. The Green Hornet we affectionately call it. It can easily do 50 with us both on there, and more with only a single rider.

What's the point you ask?

Ok- If I'm driving my merry-self to work on my scooter doing 45 in a 40mph zone why does every other shmuck on the road feel the need to buzz by me in a huff and hurry like I'm crawling along? Do they not realize that to pass me they are going at least 10mph more over the limit then I am already going? This is proof of the egotistical society (note to self- write humble commentary on egotistical society) that we've become. When just the site of a smaller mode of transportation keeping up with your superior machine sends you into a flurry of speed (which, I shouldn't even need mention, causes the little scooter driver a bit of fear that the passing driver is possessed of some fit of rage that could likely endager said scooter driver)

So next time you see a scooter on the road pass (only if needed) with kindness as the typical scooter driver is no more than a happy-go-lucky, laid back citizen with concerns for finances and the environment and wishes you no harm or disrespect.

Remember the Golden Rule, and Karma, and what goes around comes around, etc.

P.S. Yes, I use parenthesis a lot which just goes to show how often I ramble, get off topic, and talk to myself. I wouldn't want you to loose the spirit of Taunya by using proper grammer/punctuation.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Commentary on the Controversies of Cycling

So if you've been watching the news at all in the last week or so you are undoubtedly aware of the public humiliation the sport of cycling is currently enduring. I've had numerous people ask my thoughts regarding various allegations and operations that are currently underway. So here is my take (and if I may be so bold as to add Bob's name to this opinion as he and I have visited these topics as of late and seem to be in agreement upon the subject)

Et Tu? I never would have pictured small town Floyd as a doper. (Although I said the exact same thing about our friend Tyler) Yes, I know nothing has been confirmed yet. But to point out the obvious: 8 minutes down one day, gains it all back the next? While watching the live coverage of the now infamous stage 17 of the Tour de France I commented to those associates with whom I was priveledged to be watching such a momentus occasion that "...seems kind of odd. With all the doping scandals lately, can we still believe in sports miracles"
To make yet another reference to the currently suspended Tyler Hamilton- In a recent interview aired during the 2006 TDF Hamilton agreed with a comment his wife made to the effect that "this is all very confusing and we've been working with lots of doctors etc. to help us understand" contrast that with a statement Landis recently made while on Larry King Live, this is a direct quote "Well, I don't know. That's why I have some experts helping me out to try to understand what's going on here...I have a lot of very intelligent, experienced people helping with this" Face it, its not looking good. I think an historical tour win is turning into an historical embarrasment.

Operation Puerto:
I would have thought a disorganized, secretive, and so far essentially ineffective operation like this would have been in French territory, not in Spain.

So here is a basic update in my limited cycling knowledge:
- Operation Puerto announced late spring/early summer
- Unrealeased list of those implicated includes cyclists and other sportsmen
- Day before TDF Jan Ullrich, Ivan Basso, and others name's released. Team managers hold meeting that evening and decide that any implicated rider will not be allowed to start and will not be replaced. As a result three top contenders of the Tour are suspended by their teams and one Alexander Vinokourov was unable to start the tour becuase five of his teammates were implicated. Vino was and has never been named.
- Two days after the TDF the five Astana (Vino's team) riders are cleared of any wrongdoing.
- A few days later the entire Comunidad Valenciana team was cleared by the investigation.

Anything look a little fishy to you?
#1- Officials had the names for weeks and they announce key players the night before the Tour begins? Could this have been a publicity stunt? No, they wouldn't dare do that to the racers, the teams, the fans, it must have simply been an oversight.

#2- Five members of Vino's team are implicated thereby keeping one of the favorites out of the Tour de France only to find out two days after the tour that, oops sorry, you're all clear? In the meantime the tour is won by an american (no complaint there) that potentially has permanently disgraced the greatest race in the world.

#3- 13 members of one team are now cleared after they could have raced in the Tour de France (had an assistant director not been implicated and arrested) and in the Vuelta (again denied admission due to the operation) and has now had sponsorship pulled no doubt in reaction to the allegations which have recently been recinded.

And the operation isn't over. I'm sure many more mistakes and should-be apologies are on their way.

Will cycling recover from this rash of injustices? Only time will tell. In the meantime sponsors are in a sweat, potential sponsors have had their check books sewn into their jacket pocket with a secure 10 digit- mixture of letters and numbers, with at least one symbol- password to keep cycling out. Cyclists themselves are donning baseball caps and dark shades to make it to the grocery store and back before someone can recognize them and question/chastise/lament the current state of the sport. The fans, oh the fans! The pains we have endured. We defend our sport enthusiastically to anyone who will listen. Despite our embarrasement we soldier on in the hopes that one day we'll have something to be proud of again.

Thank you middle-aged man in the red SUV

This is Taunya; I'm taking over this Blog. Don't try fighting it, my domination is complete!
Guess what happened to me this morning? I'm riding my scooter to work and it was sprinkling just a bit, enough to get some drops on my helmet's visor. At a red light I tried wiping off a few drops so I could see more clearly. When all of a sudden a middle aged man climbs out of the red SUV next to me with a hanky and wipes off my visor for me!
Chivalry is not dead! (I already knew this because my husband is quite the gentleman) But to do something so kind for a complete stranger, while he was no doubt rushing on his way to work. So if anyone knows how I can get his address from his license plate that I memorized, let me know please.

Bob was unable to race the entire Cascade Classic. Time cuts this year were 10%. Just to give you an idea of the amount of pressure that puts the riders under- one of the mountain stages had a time cut of 18 minutes. Needless to say many people were cut along with Bob who suffered from the heat combined with having his seat 2 cm too high. Lesson learned I guess. At least he got to practice his feeding skills as he helped support some other Utah racers while he was there. There really aren't any more big races on the horizon, just some local Utah road races and crits.

Two weeks ago I got a new job. I am an administrative assistant (please, why can't we just say secretary?) for Merrick Bank. I work in the risk department with a pretty good group of people. The bank offers pretty good benefits and other perks that has really made me feel pretty welcome here.
Yesterday Bob started an EMT certification class in Provo (good thing gas pricing aren't climbing huh?) It’s only a four week course and only four days a week, so not too bad. Hopefully it will open some doors to other possible career opportunities.

We are still living with our coach but have started looking for our own place. With any luck we'll find a house, but there is a good reality that we'll still have to rent for a year. We'll see how it goes.