Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Man of La Mancha

I just got back from a relaxing weekend in Idaho. My mom and I made- what we try to make an annual- trip to the Festival Opera in Logan, UT. While there we stayed across the border with our very good friends Becky and Dennie (special thanks to the Giles). In brief, here is our weekend.

5:00PM Friday, August 4th
Taunya gets off work. Waits for mom to leave for Logan.

Mom finally makes it, late because of traffic. What we are about to find out is that 10 minutes makes an hour of difference in traffic.

We finally make it to Bountiful. We have been crawling ever since downtown and are hungry. We stop at Village Inn. My compliments to the chef on the orange marmalade/cream cheese stuffed french toast topped with strawberries. Yes, they were good, even better than they sound.

On the road again. In the next two hours we will have discussed everything from politics, family, the environment, fashion, etc. Girls know what these conversations are like. You start out talking about what you did that afternoon and through twists and turns in conversation you’re crying your eyes out while discussing the innermost parts of your soul. OK- wasn't quite that dramatic. But great conversation.

Finally arrive at the Giles beautiful country cottage and head to watch the softball game coached by Bro. Dennie and then to the ice cream place, forgot the name. I had a strawberry creamy. I have been craving strawberry things a lot lately. Had a strawberry smoothie yesterday and have been consuming more strawberry yogurt than might be healthy. Don't ask, girls are just weird.

1:00AM, Saturday
Finally make it to bed, stayed up playing dice game, 10,000. These baby boomers are hard to keep up with.

9:00AM, Saturday
Time to get up already? I muster the courage and dress to go run. It’s a beautiful canyon and a sunny morning. Those false flats will kill you I swear. I made it about 3miles total, not bad. I didn't run the whole way, but a majority. I thought it would make me feel better for the rest of the day; that ended up being mostly true.

View Man of La Mancha the story of how the story of Don Quixote came to be. Very fabulous. Score was great, performances great, music stirring. Plus we had great seats. Thanks, Logan Festival Opera,
www.ufoc.org , we always have a great time.

This was a dark time in my life. I don't like to talk about it, but as you are good friends and faithful readers...I've been dying to get my hair done for a while, just a trim and color. Strawberry-Blonde (more strawberry than blonde) yup, more strawberries, again I don't know why. We tried at least 8 different salons in Logan and no one could fit me in, some weren't even very nice about it. So where did we go? I'm embarrassed to say...let's just say it was a super retailer with a less than desirable reputation.

My hair is orange. If you know Boden, yup just like that. Cute cut though. But orange is not my color.

I've bought some cool blonde color to take the orange out, it doesn't work, and I’m still orange, just not quite as harsh. A girl might be able to tell the difference of orange #1 and orange #2, but no man on earth would ever notice. No, not even the swishy ones.

12:30AM Sunday
Off to bed late again. Watched Dreamer good movie, made me laugh, made me cry.

9:00AM Sunday
I can't go out in public with orange hair. Thank heavens I had the foresight to get a box of my original (if not slightly darker) hair color in case plan B (for those of you unable to keep up plan B was the blonde) didn't work.

Yeah! Plan C worked. I'm now slightly darker than my original color (with a little bit of those orange highlights poking through, but its kind of pretty) and slightly poorer too.

The moral of this story- don't get your hair done on a whim and only go to someone you know and trust.

BTW- Does anyone have someone they know and trust? Because the person I knew and trusted has closed up shop. The winning referral could be worth a handsome reward (though I wouldn't bet on it if I were you).

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Mumsie said...

You are a brave person to have included the (mostly) whole story of your dye jobs!! And as I checked velonews.com, they had a great report on yesterday's stage race for the Tour of Utah. And what is happening with Landis?
xoxo M.