Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Weekend Race Report

My apologies, I was going to post pictures with this but I'll have to add them in later as I haven't downloaded them yet. I also was going to have Bob write this since he knows better what happened during the race then I do. But alas, you're stuck with my simple, picture-less race analysis/recap.

Snowbird Hill Climb- 3rd place
(Disclaimer: Taunya didn't do the race and is merely trying to sum up what she thinks Bob told her happened, actual events may vary. But the result and finish times are accurate)
Saturday we got up bright and early- 6:30am, not easy for a weekend- and headed to 9400S. and 2000E. for the start. It’s always fun to go to the start and see all your friends. Do a little schmoozing and trash talking, whatever the occasion may call for.
This is one of the races that I have to leave before Bob or else I'll get stuck behind the racers and the cars and an aged man on a mountain bike will beat me up the canyon (not kidding, this happened once). So I gave him his good luck kiss, and an encouraging butt slap and he took off.
It was a beautiful drive up the canyon with my windows rolled down and some Capital Inicial (Portuguese punk band) on the radio; it was very Zen or something. Bob started up at 8am with Stormin' Norman driving the pace the first few miles. A small group of four got up the road a ways but the peleton kept them near enough to bring them in when the time was right. Norm decided the time was right and attacked with Bob jumping on his wheel (you think riding the canyon is hard, try attacking up it) they started to gain on the lead group up the road and were able to pass them as Nate Page started powering away from the peleton. Nate just kept ramping it up until he passed the chase group and the now lead group of Bob and Norm. Not to be beaten so easily Norm attacked again after Nate and Bob pursued. And there is your top three. Nate broke the 48 minute mark, Norm came in about 20 second after and Bob finished 3rd with a time of 48:23.
So then we waited around for 2 hours for awards. Not too bad because we got to enjoy a nice brunch with JR (coach) Jill (his wife) and two of Bob's biggest fans, Bill and Celia (sp?). Awards finally rolled around and Bob received.... (Oh, the anticipation)... a water bottle. What! I know you're in shock, we were too. Surely a race that brings in over $15,000 can do better than that for a podium finish? Nope, apparently not. We didn't even get our entry fee back, we were not happy. Maybe they just gave extra to 1st and 2nd you ask? Nope again; 2nd got sunglasses in addition to the water bottle (which all prizes given away are always just donated schwag, they don't cost the organizers a red cent) First place did get a sweet northface tent, but he wanted cash too. So we were bummed, but compensation was on its way.

Before I continue- Note to race organizers: Cat 4/5's love schwag they are usually the rich lawyers/doctors/accountants on the nicest bikes. Cat 1/2's are poor twenty-something’s usually supported by doting parents or an incredibly awesome wife. We're poor, show us the money!

Wolfcreek Road Race- 4th place
(see Disclaimer above)
Up and at 'em 7:00am. On the road to Francis at 8:00am. Neither of us are feeling so hot. Bob is worn out from yesterday (I forgot to mention that after his noble race efforts he still mowed the lawn for me. Yeah! My husband rules!) and Taunya is dizzy or light-headed or something. But, we've already paid for the race so off we go. Or at least off Bob goes, Taunya sort of lolly-gags about and eventually makes her way to the feed zone 20 miles up the road to 9,507 feet elevation.
Bob comes through the feedzone only a minute or so behind the lead rider, no big deal since there is still 60 miles to race and the lead rider is on his own, and we don't know who he is which is usually a sign that he's going to blow up. Of course, he could be that new young talent that blows everyone else away; he wasn't. So back to the feedzone; Bob comes whizzing by and $*!@# (yes, sorry, I really did swear. I'm pretty sure Bob did too) I missed him! He now has to ride 40 more miles up and down canyon roads on the single water bottle left on his bike. I now spend the next 2 hours worrying about whether or not he's going to bonk as I wait for them to hit the turnaround and come back to the feedzone 20 miles before the finish. Norm comes through one minute ahead of a small group which (yeah!) has Bob driving the pace on the front trying to bring Norm back. So I'm ready this time, I've got his water bottle I hold it out, Bob is reaching for it... snatch! The guy in front of him takes it from me. Not only that but he dropped it! Here is where I'd like to give a special "thanks" to the girl up the road who successfully hands Bob a water bottle so that he can go on to claim 4th.

So it was a great weekend. We were wiped out by the end, but we had fun. Thanks for checking in and feel free to leave any congratulatory remarks for Bob.

P.S. Where was the compensation you ask? Bob won $85 for 4th. Not bad, at least we broke even for the weekend.


Mom said...

Taunya, you didn't make it very clear that both those races were on consecutive days, which adds more drama to your narrative, I think! Any points awarded for either of those races? And how did Norm end up on the Wolfcreek Race? Just curious . . . xoxo

Robert & Taunya said...

Yes, he got points, don't know how many yet though. Norm took 2nd both days.