Thursday, August 17, 2006

That's "Coach" Bob To You

Congratulations are in order (again- see race report) to Bob. He has just recieved his coaching license from the UCA (cycling authority) He is currently licensed for club riders but will be recieving his Elite license in November. As many of you know Bob is a virtual gyser of knowledge in regards to fitness and diet. Don't shy away, he's still the same great guy willing to talk to you about your training and racing, now you just have to pay him! Don't worry, we will be giving a family/friends discount.
I'm very proud of him (is it that obvious?) he had to do a lot of studying to get his license.
Next week is the last week of his EMT course, and he'll test a week or so after that, wish him luck and keep your fingers crossed.

If you are interested in having Bob coach you he'll be working for J.R. Smith Coaching ( check out the website and talk with Bob.

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Mom said...

Seems that I am always the first to comment, sometimes the only one! Too bad . . . Anyway, I offer my HEARTFELT congratulations to Coach Bob and his trusty sidekick, TM. Bob has an accelerated work ethic, and has a lot on his plate, but couldn't do it very well without Taunya's love and support. As a matter of fact, without her love and support, why would he even bother? The advice I gave Brian when he was studying for his captain's test: put Vivaldi on the stero while you study! Brian missed being #1 on his test by one answer. xoxo