Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Scooter Courtesies

Being the gas-conscious consumers that we are a couple years ago we purchased a scooter. Actually, my fabulous husband surprised me with one for Christmas! The scooter is number one, a lot of fun. Number two its cheap to buy, insure, and drive- getting 80 something mpg. When Bob purchased our scooter he really shopped around as any smart buyer would do. But of course, he is a guy and can't bare the thought of puttering around at 30 mph on a toy sized scooter so he buys an often mistaked for a bullet bike scooter. A 150cc (don't ask me what that means, all I know is so far I haven't met anyone with something more powerful) Vento R4i. The Green Hornet we affectionately call it. It can easily do 50 with us both on there, and more with only a single rider.

What's the point you ask?

Ok- If I'm driving my merry-self to work on my scooter doing 45 in a 40mph zone why does every other shmuck on the road feel the need to buzz by me in a huff and hurry like I'm crawling along? Do they not realize that to pass me they are going at least 10mph more over the limit then I am already going? This is proof of the egotistical society (note to self- write humble commentary on egotistical society) that we've become. When just the site of a smaller mode of transportation keeping up with your superior machine sends you into a flurry of speed (which, I shouldn't even need mention, causes the little scooter driver a bit of fear that the passing driver is possessed of some fit of rage that could likely endager said scooter driver)

So next time you see a scooter on the road pass (only if needed) with kindness as the typical scooter driver is no more than a happy-go-lucky, laid back citizen with concerns for finances and the environment and wishes you no harm or disrespect.

Remember the Golden Rule, and Karma, and what goes around comes around, etc.

P.S. Yes, I use parenthesis a lot which just goes to show how often I ramble, get off topic, and talk to myself. I wouldn't want you to loose the spirit of Taunya by using proper grammer/punctuation.


Mom said...

I don't have much to say, but you certainly are an entertaining read! xoxo Mom

heidi said...

Ummm... scooters aren't cool. That's why people are rude drivers. You aren't cool enough. JK

Anonymous said...

Grain of sslt!