Thursday, August 24, 2006

A House Is a Home When It Shelters the Body and Comforts the Soul

- Phillip Moffat

Bob and I are soon to be homeowners. With very patient assistance by Travis Pugh our brother/realtor we have found a home that is just about perfect for us. I say "just about" becuase there doesn't exist a house in our price range that would be absolutely perfect for us. We should close in a couple weeks and I'll make an official announcement then complete with pictures.

Today is Bob's last day of his EMT class. He had some in class tests today but will take the official State exam in a couple weeks. After that its back to school and starting to test with the different fire departments. He'll also be trying to get work as an EMT and then coaching will start for him in fall as well. I think that should keep him sufficiently busy enough, don't you?

As for me, school starts Tuesday night with Geography. It is my last class that I need to get my Associates degree. I do have to test out of a computer class, but I'm reasonably confident that I can do that. I'm so excited to have finally accomplished something with school that I think I'll throw myself a party. Hey, its been six years in the making, I deserve it. Work is also going well. For those of you who don't know I work for Merrick Bank, an industrial bank that issues credit cards primarily to the sub-prime lending group. Its a great company with great benefits and perks, like the massage chair.

Bob is more or less done with racing this season. He'll be taking some time off the bike before he starts training for next season where he'll be riding for a regional team yet to be named. It should be a really good opportunity and should cover nearly all the costs of his racing. Yeah!

Thanks for checking in. Come back before too long and see pictures of our new home! If you leave comments, I might even invite you over for a BBQ.

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Mom said...

I'n not sure that there is anyone in the family busier with such an assortment of activities as the 2 of you! I am excited over the transformations this new little home of yours will make over the coming months (& years?). Love to you both. xoxo Mom