Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thank you middle-aged man in the red SUV

This is Taunya; I'm taking over this Blog. Don't try fighting it, my domination is complete!
Guess what happened to me this morning? I'm riding my scooter to work and it was sprinkling just a bit, enough to get some drops on my helmet's visor. At a red light I tried wiping off a few drops so I could see more clearly. When all of a sudden a middle aged man climbs out of the red SUV next to me with a hanky and wipes off my visor for me!
Chivalry is not dead! (I already knew this because my husband is quite the gentleman) But to do something so kind for a complete stranger, while he was no doubt rushing on his way to work. So if anyone knows how I can get his address from his license plate that I memorized, let me know please.

Bob was unable to race the entire Cascade Classic. Time cuts this year were 10%. Just to give you an idea of the amount of pressure that puts the riders under- one of the mountain stages had a time cut of 18 minutes. Needless to say many people were cut along with Bob who suffered from the heat combined with having his seat 2 cm too high. Lesson learned I guess. At least he got to practice his feeding skills as he helped support some other Utah racers while he was there. There really aren't any more big races on the horizon, just some local Utah road races and crits.

Two weeks ago I got a new job. I am an administrative assistant (please, why can't we just say secretary?) for Merrick Bank. I work in the risk department with a pretty good group of people. The bank offers pretty good benefits and other perks that has really made me feel pretty welcome here.
Yesterday Bob started an EMT certification class in Provo (good thing gas pricing aren't climbing huh?) It’s only a four week course and only four days a week, so not too bad. Hopefully it will open some doors to other possible career opportunities.

We are still living with our coach but have started looking for our own place. With any luck we'll find a house, but there is a good reality that we'll still have to rent for a year. We'll see how it goes.

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