Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No Motivation

What is it about the first frosty mornings of fall that just kicks your butt?

Well, they kick mine. And Bob's too. Most that know us would probably agree that we are hard working, industrious people. We don't like to waste time or be lazy. But too frequently in the last couple of weeks we have found ourselves sleeping in (gasp!), and missing workouts (double gasp!)- if you are a cyclist you know the gravity of these consequences for Bob. Seems like there was something else, but I can't think of it right now. Oh yes, huge loss of motivation for work.

So here is my answer (excuses*) as to why the first frosty mornings of fall just kicks my butt:

- Its cold outside. Who wouldn't rather be snuggled 12 inches deep in blankets? And I know once I get out and that cold hits me its going to wake me right up, and who wants to do that? No, I can't just turn the heat up, that's expensive.

- Its dark outside. Running in the dark is scary. And sometimes you trip.

- I've now realized that summer flew by and I didn't get to play enough thus making me sour at work.

- A new house. Lots of work to get the house ready for winter and the yard prepared for spring. Makes me too tired for exercise and I don't want to be at work when there is more important stuff at home. Granted, Bob has been doing all the work at home. What have I been doing? Not much.

- I have an innate need to hibernate for winter. This also includes binging in preparation for the long nap. This creates disastrous results when combined with the lag in exercise.

I do love the fall though, especially the smell of the fallen leaves in the late afternoon. So if I could just start my day around sunrise (that's about 8:00am nowadays isn't it?) and call it a day around 6pm- just before those chilly breezes come in- that would be great.

*Bob says "Excuses are like bum-holes. Some just stink more than others."

P.S. This is very important. Part of the delightful binging, adds guilt to the lack of exercise, but gets me through the days of work, is argueably the best part of fall. Cold Stone Creamery Fall Flavors! Here are some of my recommended combinations, I also recommend trying something new every time:

1/2 Pumpkin Ice Cream
1/2 Cheesecake Ice Cream
Graham Cracker Crust

7/8 Pumpkin Ice Cream
1/8 Coffee Ice Cream (adjust for your love of coffee)
Reeses Pieces
White Chocolate Chips

Cinnamon Ice Cream (comes closer to Thanksgiving)
Apple filling
Pie Crust
Waffle Pieces
Reeses Pieces (these go good in just about everything)

You can thank me later.

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Mom said...

Doesn't it seem odd that instead of talking about your favorite hot chocolate/cookie combos in this brisk weather, you are talking about ICE CREAM?! I will add my current favorite Cold Stone concoction: 3/4 cheesecake; 1/4 pumpkin; pecans; coconut; all in a regular waffle bowl. For those of you who don't know the REAL secret behind the fractions of ice cream, it is this: most of the servers don't differentiate very well between 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, etc., so you usually get a bigger dish of ice cream in the end! xoxo