Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Back into the swing of things

Well, thanks for checking in. Sorry its a been a while since I last updated anything, we've been pretty busy.
I'm back at Taylor's Bike Shop at least until school starts. And I'm working on getting my Elite Coaching license. In the meantime I've been racing every weekend since we've been back. We've also been back to AZ to pick up all our stuff. Here's a quick recap of all our goings-on since Bear Lake.

May 25-29 Thanksgiving Point Omnium
A fast Cat 2 crit in downtown Provo. I was feeling awesome, unbeatable. I knew I was going to win. I was having trouble with my gears slipping though and to avoid a possible mishap in the thick of the sprint I went with one lap to go. I downshifted and stood up slightly to launch my attack. Right then my gear slips, and down I went. For a skinny cyclist I can sure clean up those road barriers. My bike was more or less totaled, I was able to salvage some parts is all. Luckily I went almost completely unscathed. A few very small bits of road rash was all. But it was enough to pretty much bury my chances at the overall in the stage race. I continued on to help a friend pull off 5th overall and I took 13th. After three days in rainy and windy weather I was glad to be done with it.

Monday 29- Right after the Suncrest uphill TT and awards Taunya and I immediately packed some lunch and did a marathon move. In 48 hours we drove down to AZ, loaded our stuff, cleaned our old place, drove back, unloaded our stuff into storage. Considering its about a 12 hour drive each way, we made some good time, but it knocked us out for a couple days afterward.

June 3- I came back in time for a day or so of rest before I took on the 100 mile State RR Championship. It was over 90 that day and the heat just killed me. I cramped up and came in with a small group off the back of the pack. The heat has been killing me here.

June 10-11 Sugarhouse Crit, Downtown Sate Crit Championship
I was feeling pretty good for Sugarhouse. It was only about 85 that day and I was riding very well. I was patient, on the right wheels and just riding smart. It came down to the final sprint up the hill and I was on Burke Swindlehurst's wheel, someone else shoved me out and that was that. For the downtown crit I had a teammate in the lead break so I was trying to help out in the pack as much as possible. It was a 90 minute crit and I got off the back of the pack about an hour in and got pulled a couple laps later. Luckily the work paid off, my teammate Cameron Hoffman won. It was great to see him not only lap the field, but win the sprint as well.

That brings us up to date. I have High Uintas this weekend and since I haven't climbed consistenly for a very long time we'll see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Robert, watch out for the Moose - I hear the Uintahs are crawling with them! Love.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back you two. Would love to hear a summary of your Belgian experience and what's next. June weather stinks (cold/wet) but guaranteed great from July on--come up, visit and race. Lofgran's