Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sorry, no pictures this time. They are on another computer.
So, we're back in Utah now! It has been a tiring journey to get here though, let me tell you. Taunya and I left Belgium Monday morning, arrived in Phoenix Monday night, but still had to drive three hours to home. We woke up Tuesday around 4am, we were too used to Belgium time. So we decided to just pack up and head out. We got to Moab and camped that night then woke up at 4am again to finish driving to Salt Lake.
We'll be staying with our coach, JR smith (see ) until we can get work and a place to live. What a guy- took in me, my wife, and our two dogs!

Here's the race report. Went to Bear Lake Classic Saturday, got a killer sunburn, and some serious cramps. I drank about four huge water bottles during the 100 mile race but it just wasn't enough for the heat. I cramped up bad with about 10 miles to go and had to actually unclip my left leg and go 0ne-legged for a while. It wasn't the strong come back I had in mind. The heat just wiped me out, I got to accustomed to the wind and cold of Belgium I guess.
Next up is the Thanksgiving Point Stage Race. I'll update later with some pics and a report.
Thanks for checking in.

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Anonymous said...

Hey buddy,

Sorry to hear the first race back was a rough one. It's good to hear your back in Utah safe and sound, even if it took a while. I've got one week left at the CC, then down to France for about a week, then home on the 13th. Make sure to email me if your at all interested in any CO races.

-Matt Allen