Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo!

The last couple of days have been great aditions to my adventure. First of all my awsome little wife Taunya arrived here in Belgium yesterday. That was a great reunion. I picked her up at the Teilt train station not to far from where the CC is and we headed out to start our adventure. Little did we know how soon it would start. The other guys had used "the fun bus" earlier that morning to go grocery shopping and left it with a bone dry gas tank. There aren't gas stations on every corner here like back in the states I had no idea where the closest one was. On top of that we were sent off of what I knew as the shortest route two times by road construction. I was really starting to think we were going to make it back to the house with no problems. Soon I was coasting into the driveway of an old farm house trying to get out of the road. We were in the middle of absolute nowhere on some old farm road. I left Taunya in the van and thought I'd be gone walking for some while. I got lucky though and only a hundred yards down the road I noticed a good sized farm and they had their own gas pump. They hooked me up with about 10 euros worth of diesel and we were back on the road. We lucked out pretty big time. I would have been walking for at least a couple of hours. After that Taunya recieved a small tour of the CC and Bernard the CC owner drove us to nearby Oostkamp to the new place they are building for masters racers and for pro and continental teams to stay during the race season. This is where Taunya and I will be staying until we head back. The place isn't even finished yet and man is it nice place. We have a small apartment type room with all the goods. Heck this place is bigger than the first apartment that we had when we got married. To say the least when they put the final touches on this place this would be the pro cyclists/teams dream stay place.
I've taken that sweet wife of mine around Oostkamp and we've seen some cool stuff. The architecture is somthing to be admired here and it's cool to dream of someday having a sweet euro pad like the ones around here.
Well, it's pretty late and tomorrow we're headed to watch the opening TT of the Giro pretty danged early in the morning so my race report from today will have to wait. Taunya got some good pictures too so you'll have those to check out. All I will say for now is that the race went very well. I'll fill you in tomorrow. Have a good one folks!
Robert Lofran

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Debbie said...

You two are brave souls! Well, we got everyone graduated and baptized this weekend - wish you were here to join the festivities, but I have a hunch you'd rather be where you are . . . with a full tank of gas!